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Services & Practice Areas

For nearly three decades, Vikki Cooper and Associates (VCA) has provided her clients with unrivaled government relation and issue advocacy services.  Based on the belief that every client’s needs are unique, VCA specializes in offering strategic counsel tailored to your needs.

Areas of service include:

Issue Advocacy—At VCA, we understand that policies considered on Capitol Hill can have a profound impact on businesses, states, and local communities.  That’s why we work hard to ensure our clients the opportunity to speak directly with lawmakers, executive agencies, and other officials, to share these concerns or lend a voice of support.

Strategic Communications—We believe that taking proactive steps to tell your story is the best way to reach your target audience.  To help you do just that, VCA offers external and internal communications services, ranging from stakeholder materials, company newsletters and annual reports.

Crisis Management—VCA understand that protecting the brand and safeguarding the reputation you’ve worked so hard to earn is the most important step during a difficult challenge.  To that end, VCA offers strategic advice and concrete steps to help you protect your greatest assets.

Relationship Building and Networking—With a vast network of bi-partisan relationships and deep knowledge of the regulatory and policy-making processes, VCA recognizes that in Washington, who you talk to is just as important as the message you are delivering.  VCA makes connections between clients and stakeholders to ensure your story is heard.

Issues and Grants Research—Whether monitoring what’s happening on Capitol Hill or researching the legislative history of a particular policy, VCA keeps our clients well informed and up-to-date.  We will also do the legwork necessary to identify opportunities for federal appropriations and grants our clients may be eligible to receive.

Practice Areas:
Federal Appropriations
Energy and Natural Resources
Urban Development
Local Government