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Our Firm

For nearly three decades, Vikki Cooper and Associates (VCA) has utilized its extensive background in public policy, an intimate knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes, and a vast network of decision makers to advance our clients’ priorities in the nation’s capital.

Fueled by a team of Capitol Hill veterans who have served in both chambers of Congress, on the campaign trail, and with distinction in state and local governments, VCA has earned a reputation as a respected and effective voice on a wide-range of issues.

Specific areas of the firm’s subject-matter expertise include: energy, the environment, nuclear waste, defense, transportation, economic development, information technology, and state and local representation.  VCA professionals have worked for years to forge bi-partisan relationships with key lawmakers and their staff as well as with high-ranking agency personnel.  VCA is well-versed in the complexities of the appropriations process and educated in the inner workings of the federal government.

With no shortage of lobbying firms in the Washington area, VCA distinguishes itself by adhering to the philosophy that each client is unique—and deserving of personalized attention.  You won’t find VCA peddling a prepackaged, one-size-fits-all plan pushed down from corporate headquarters.  Instead, you’ll discover a politically-savvy team of results-oriented professionals who working tirelessly on your behalf.

Whether you are searching for a firm to advocate on behalf of specific policy issues, provide communications support or campaign know-how, our team delivers.  And that’s why we stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

At Vikki Cooper and Associates we are committed to providing the highest level of client service, outstanding professional expertise, and a deep understanding of the Washington landscape.  Delivering legislative outcomes and increasing value to our clients, VCA serves as a bridge between Beltway politics and Main Street America.